CREATIve Spaces

Creative Spaces is an initiative by M-Labs where startups, think tanks and free thinkers that are geared towards solving crucial social problems to create a long lasting impact can utilise our office space for the conduction of various events. These events should be productive in nature and portray a clear vision of learning through collaboration and creativity.

Disclaimer: M-Labs Creative spaces initiative is designed to support your businesses and partner organizations in their ventures around creativity and learning. M-Labs doesn’t cut or charge any fees for these sessions and workshops

Upcoming events




Mecabotix | Mindstorm Studios

M-labs is all about providing an opportunity to start-ups that are involved in the development sector and are trying to bring innovation to learning and create an ecosystem for the youth of our country to flourish. M-labs is all about providing an opportunity to start-ups that are involved in the development sector and are trying to bring innovation to learning and create an ecosystem for the youth of our country to flourish.



Toy Bricks | Mindstorm Studios

Mindstorm Studios, under its initiative “Creative Spaces”, organized a Lego Cognitive Therapy workshop for the students of Islam Public School, Lahore. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Toy Bricks Pakistan, a Karachi-based startup that specializes in Lego Cognitive Therapy. The workshop not only brought smiles to the faces of these little angels but also provided them with an opportunity to explore a very different form of learning methodology.




Tinkers Collactive Origami Workshop | Mindstorm Studios

“Fold your way to creativity at our origami workshop The Tinkers’ Collective in collaboration with Mindstorm Studios conducted a very exciting origami workshop in M-Labs. Not only kids but people from all ages got together to experience the  the artist within through the art of origami.



Girls Make Games | Mindstorm Studios

In partnership, Mindstorm Studios and Girls Make Games (GMG) hosted a thrilling workshop on Introduction to Game development which took place at M-Labs in Lahore, Pakistan. GMG is a subsidiary of LearnDistrict Inc, a US-based educational company focused on providing access to education through video games and enrichment programs. Since its launch in 2014, GMG had reached over 23,000 girls in 9 countries and 89 cities worldwide. Now, they have brought their program to Lahore, Pakistan! The workshop was open to both girls and boys and aimed to introduce them to the world of game development. Read More …


Art Therapy Workshop By The Restorative Niche

The Restorative Niche and Next Generation Pakistan recently teamed up with Mindstorm Studios to host an art therapy workshop at M-Labs under the banner of Creative Spaces. The event aimed to provide young people with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore the benefits of art therapy.

The workshop featured a range of engaging activities and interactive sessions, designed to help participants develop their artistic skills and express themselves through various mediums. With expert guidance from trained professionals, attendees were able to learn the fundamentals of art therapy and understand how it can be incorporated into their daily lives.


The Tinker’s Collective X Mindstorm Studios Clay Therapy Workshop

The Tinker’s Collective, in partnership with Mindstorm Studios under the banner of Creative Spaces, recently organized a clay workshop. The workshop was designed to provide a platform for participants to explore their creativity in a lively and encouraging community.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to work with clay and experiment with different techniques to create their own unique pieces of art. The workshop was led by experienced instructors who provided guidance and support to participants throughout the process.




Creative Spaces | Product Soch X Mindstorm Studios

We were thrilled to host Product Soch at M-Labs through our Creative Spaces initiative and facilitate an engaging conversation around product metrics with a group of talented product managers! The Soch Cafe event was a great success and we’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Product Soch on this initiative.

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