The internship at Mindstorm Studios is designed to help you carve a career in gaming industry. In a 3 month long program the interns are trained on Game Design, Art and Programming. While learning the technical knowledge they also participate actively in professional activities in the company. They also not just learn but participate actively in game development life cycle from ideation to publishing. 


The program offers trainings from professionals who have worked on multiple No.1 games globally. A well rounded experience from game design to art and game programming.

Paid Engagement

We don’t believe in free interns. We value your time and understand importance of learning experience in apprenticeship. You are paid to come learn from the best.

Make Real Games

Its not just trainings, you also get to build games. Its not a side project experience, you build games with help of mentors and understand complete development life cycle of games.

Batch 2

Mujtaba Ahmed

Moazzam Haider

Hajra Afzal

Darwesh Murad

Meer Balaj

Aiyan Humayun

Agha Muhammad Abdullah

Abdurrafay bin Khurram

Saad Waseem

Batch 1

Alina Qureshi

Sabeeh Saeed

Jahanara Humayun

Ahmedshah Sherjan

M. Shaharyar

Ayman Mir

Zubair Irfan Khan

Muhammad Junaid