The fellowship is an unparalleled program designed to bring fresh perspective to the gaming industry of Pakistan. In a 2 month long program, community of young learners come together and learn about gaming industry by working with professionals. The program acts as a beacon to guides them in not only finding a job in gaming industry but actually shape industry’s future.

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The program offers trainings from professionals who have worked on multiple No.1 games globally. A well rounded experience from game design to art and game programming.

Industry Wide Mentors

Professionals from not just Mindstorm Studios but also from more than a dozen different studios participate in advising students.

Make Real Games

Its not just trainings, you also get to build games. Its not a side project experience, you build games with help of mentors and are provided are professional resources to get it done.

My experience with M-Labs was great. I learned a lot from different experts from the industry about game design and game development processes. I would like to thank M-Labs for their community that is being built for the game developers and the opportunity they have provided us to learn to create games from scratch

Salman Zafar / Rookie of the Year '20

My experience with the Mindstorm Fellowship Program was outstanding. I have learned lots of things from the fellowship program. During this Fellowship Program, whenever we got stuck somewhere, all the mentors were there to help us. My overall experience was very great and I will refer everyone to get this golden chance. This is a great opportunity for those who want to start their career in game development.

Omer Shahzad / Fellow'20

I was fortunate enough to come across this program. I was having a hard time finding the right people to work with and didn’t see a platform for game development. Fellowship program opened up new opportunities for me. It’s not just getting the exposure but I also understood the complete process of building games. I also got networking opportunities and enjoyed the encouraging environment.

Mahad Gul / Fellow'20