Level Design Community

M-Labs bring your another exciting and first of its kind series of events in Pakistan. Those of us who have passion for building games have at least once in our lives picked up a level editor and designed a level. In fact thats where most of us started. To share and create more knowledge we have launched this new initiative where we bring in published or under development games to the community and design the levels together.

Event 1 : Level Design Challenge 2022

As the first event of the series we brought to you Bubble Garden. The event was attended by 127 participants. These participants went through the game journey and created levels for 8 different stages of the game. The top 5 were invited for an interview and the winner was awarded a job.

Winners of 1st Challenge

Fahad Hassan
1st Place

Faseeh Ahmed
2nd Place

Saiqa Channa
3rd Place

Taha Murtaza
4th Place

Ameena Hameed
5th Place