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The AGG Industry Report, will act as a high-quality guide for investors, clients, academics, and public policy makers interested in investing in the local ecosystem. The report will be published in the first quarter of 2023.

Research Timeline

  • CEO Mindstorm Studios Babar initiated a conversation around the need for a high quality industry report for the gaming industry. 
  •  A research wing was created in M-Labs.
  • M-Labs engine of Mindstorm Studios conducted an extensive literature review to find the number of game building studios operating in Pakistan.
  • P@SHA Pakistan Software Houses Association  initiated the process of conducting research into the Animations, Games and Graphics Industry.
  • M Labs proposed conducting the research together
  • MLabs agreed to increase the scope of the research to include the Animations and Graphics Sector
  • Both parties hashed out a plan for the research and outlined their responsibilities based on each organization’s skillset.
  • The AGG Research Team created an list of game building, animations and graphics companies across Pakistan
  • The team conducted outreach calls to verify the existence of the companies, introduce the project and obtain some preliminary data.
  • Th team conducted Problem Discovery Workshops in Lahore and Karachi to understand the pain points of the AGG industry
  • The team conducted a virtual Problem Discovery Workshop for companies in and around Islamabad to understand their pain points 
  • Mlabs utilized insights from the PDW to create the AGG Survey
  • The AGG Survey was reviewed extensively by the AGG working team and the AGG Task Force (which mainly included notable P@SHA members)
  • In parallel, The team finalized and procured the data collection instrument (Survey Monkey) and designed the survey. 
  • The survey was first piloted in the working group.
  • The survey was then shared with the larger AGG community through WhatsApp Groups, Mailing Lists and Social Media Pages

  • The report was launched in an event in Lahore on 5th October 2023.