PKR 100,000

Flash Run

by Conway Games

2nd Place
PKR 50,000

Mountain Run

by Darklit Games

3rd Place
PKR 25,000

Killing Bots

by Game Master

Pro Tier Winners

PKR 600,000


by Edge

2nd Place
PKR 350,000

3D Runner

by Firenado

3rd Place
PKR 250,000


by Glitchy Gamers

Student Tier submissions

Gravity Chaser

by 2D Continued

Cheater Runner

by Croslinker

Tile Run

by Ahsan

Rocket Jumper

by BigBrainStorm

Highway Spirit

by The Dark Shadow

Arsal – Path Maker

Arsal – Path Maker

Food Run

by Sharp Edge Games

Snappy Runner

by Immortal Devs

Noobray Dev

by Noobray Dev’s


by Lazy Panda


by Solo

Zombify Me


Royal Race

by SelfMinnions

Walking Dumbs

by Team Bizon

Music Beats

by CouchPotatoes

Your OP Twin

by Lone Ranger

Race Rush

by Akatsuki

The Cubical Sliders

by The Hunter Squad

Helicopter Crop

by BlackSpiders

Stop To Win

by Discipuli


by Team Navvtc 2

Tap Hero

by Renaissance

Professional Tier submissions

Western Hunt

by Vivecreative

Gravity Cubes

by TheFabs

Soccer Punch

by PlayLikePrrofessor

Cheaty Runner

by RumblingBrothers

Portal Ninja

by TeamScream

Block Fit

by RootPointers

Mad Man Escape

by ThunderBoys

Astro World

by Code Zero

Stack Jump

by Split Souls

Save The King

by Xeurik

Spell Race

by Divine

Roof Top Runner

by Beyond Infinity Games