Out Of Thin Air (OOTA),focuses on bringing out the childlike curiosity that we are all born with but somehow lose along the way. The objective of the event is to promote making games without the use of any technology, rather using your creativity and imagination to come up with rules that will keep the game interesting. This means you can make anything – come up with a board game or create a game out of everyday objects! The entire premise is to make a complete game using either your skills or whatever you have at hand. The only rule is: it has to be a game that can be played. It should not just be a document.







OOTA | iba karachi game fest 2022

OOTA | iba karachi game fest 2023

A round of applause for the Top 3 teams of the Institute of Business Administration Game Fest 2023, hosted in collaboration with Mindstorm Studios, RAPTR GAMES, and IGN Entertainment Pakistan! Team Terminators Rise (Game Karachi Tales) stood 1st, Team Terrific Trio (Game Space Survival) stood 2nd, and Team Graphite (Game Fools Gambit) stood 3rd. Kudos to you for showing terrific performance and coming up with such entertaining games.