We all know by now that M-Labs is all about celebrating talent, passion, and love of games our participants bring into our programs. Well, this summer was no different, in fact, bigger and better!!

With each passing year, M-Labs is growing and has got swept up by storms of talented young individuals who want the experience and exposure of the industry. That’s exactly why we exist!

This summer we had an overwhelming batch of 360 participants from across Pakistan belonging to over 70+ institutes. WHOA!

We welcome everybody to our program. From foundation year to final year, with no age restriction and type of degree. It’s the passion for games, thirst for knowledge, and hands-on experience that unites us. We were especially delighted to have so many female students successfully graduate from the program.

These kick-ass beings later formed about 92 teams for the Rookie Game Jam 2021 and BLAM!!! We had some super cool projects come out. 8 action-packed weeks with over 36+ hours of training, detailed sessions, and mentoring sessions, all pouring into the heart of the Program – The Rookie Game Jam!

It’s safe to say that not we at M-Labs, but our fellows and interns also enjoyed the hybrid setup of the program. We had so many come in each day to soak in the studio vibes and not to forget our FRIDAY-JAMS. Every Friday, we held an open house for ideation sessions, some candid one-on-one interaction with all the mentors (all-access pass), and networking. Because who doesn’t want to meet like-minded folks!

Imagine all of this with a splash of fun, great coffee, and loads of games!

During our chit-chat sessions, we asked our fellows and interns about that one word that comes to their mind when they imagine Rookie Game Jam and check out what they had to say:

Wondering why you weren’t a part of it? Well, you can be, there’s so much coming your way folks! Stay close to our social media channels and get updated about everything.


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