Halloween-22- Art Challenge

Mindstorm Studios recently conducted Halloween-22- Art Challenge for the discord community. The purpose of the event was to showcase their exceptional talent while keeping the Halloween theme in mind. To decide the Winner of the Halloween Challenge 2022, a panel of senior artists looked through the submissions. 70% of the weightage was based on the vote of the panel of senior artists and 30% of the weightage was based on the community vote. Community members reacted to the submissions with ? (Pumpkin) emojis for votes to be counted.

3rd Position

16 participants submitted their brilliant pieces of art and after judges & a community vote. Aleeza Asif ( NCA Rawalpindi) stood first, Muteeba Ali (Iqra University) stood second and Sayed Ahmed Malik (A/O levels) grabbed the third position. The passion that community members showed towards this competition was remarkable, as it played a vital role in not only portraying their talents but also in community engagement. 

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