OUT OF THIN AIR | IBA Karachi Game Fest 2022

Mindstorm Studios in collaboration with IBA Karachi, Raptr Games, and IGN Pakistan organized OUT OF THIN AIR in Karachi. The 2-day event was held at the IBA GAME FEST 2022 and focused on creating games without the use of any technology i.e. no programming or art software. Rather, the entire activity focused around designing games using one’s imagination and creativity to make them interesting and fun at the same time.

In total, 183 participants in the form of 53 teams registered for the event. All participants showed great zeal and commitment throughout the event to produce some fabulous games. Mentors from the gaming industry and academia were also present to guide them during the game-building pipeline. In the end, each team had to present their game in front of the jury, which then finalized the winners. The top three game submissions were awarded a combined prize money of 100,000 PKR.
Special thanks to our partners IBA-Karachi, Raptr Games, and IGN-Pakistan for making this event possible.

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