Meet the Teams in Rookie Game Jam 2020

The final date of registration is over and we have 21 teams all geared up to build games. Rookie Game Jam 20 is unique because it’s the first remote game jam happening in Pakistan. It’s not just that but students across Pakistan are part of it. Another very exciting aspect is that most of these teams have been formed online through our Discord Channel (join here).

M-Labs fellowship program is all about creating a community around game development for young learners. What better use of that community than the students coming together in these tough times and getting to know each other. Many of them didn’t know each other before the program. However they have bonded over their passion and used the Discord channel to form teams.

Here are the lineups.


Team Alto

Bug Minded



At Least We Tried

Team 420

Project 404



Code Braggers

2D Continued


Couch Potatoes

Immortal Devs

Byte Us


Team Titans

Team Dragons

Gaming Level Up

White Flag

To find out more about what these teams are up to, join our Discord Channel ( https://discord.gg/UFaC3Ee)

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