Rookie Game Jam 2021 – Celebrations

The day of the Winners and Graduates: M-Labs recently hosted the most awaited day, following the Summer Program. With over 60 attendants and representatives from the winning teams, the event was full of hoots and fun! It was held on the ground and broadcasted live on Facebook to include everyone across the globe. We started off with some sessions by the leadership of Mindstorm Studios. The summer program started with over 1600 registrations from across Pakistan. In the second phase of the program, 350 students in 92 teams took part in the Rookie Game Jam 2021. 77 games were successfully submitted, making Rookie Game Jam 2021 the biggest game jam Pakistan has ever seen.
This year, we introduced game awards in appreciation of all the hard work and creativity that the participants had put in. With 7 categories covering the best game mechanics, environment, character design, to the concept.

Here are the awards listed with its winners:

Best Ending Scene went to Team 6THF for their game Eat Your Greens

Best Environment went to Team Game Chimeras for their game Let’s Row

Best Team Effort went to Team Codefumes for their game, Cool Wool

Best Controls went to Team Bloody for their game Skewers Run

Most Satisfying GamePlay went to Team Storm Titans for their game Number Rush

Best Physics went to Apodochi for their game Springo

Best Ending Scene went to Team Akatsuki for their game Shinobi Clash

After the categorical awards, we dived straight into the top 3 teams of the Rookie Game Jam 2021. We were ecstatic to have so many people returning for the Jam with upgraded skills and that grabbed our attention.

Here are a few glimpses of the winner’s ceremony!

1st Runner Up – Team Nood Developers for their game Late For School

2nd Runner Up – Team Dreamers for their game Hero Evolution

Lastly, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants and wish them a kick-ass future!


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