Pakistan’s First Comprehensive Animations, Graphics, and Game Building (AGG) Industry Report

In August 2022, Mindstorm Studios partnered with P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS) to conduct the first-ever comprehensive research into the Animation, Graphics, and Game Building (AGG) companies in Pakistan.

The goal of the research is to bolster the budding AGG companies in Pakistan and ensure the country has a sizable slice of the thriving international market pie. For context, the current global video games revenue is around 208.60 billion USD of which Pakistan’s contribution is unknown. Globally, there is an increased demand for the utmost innovation and ingenuity in tech; to keep up, Pakistan will have to first evaluate its strengths, and weaknesses and dive headfirst into the pool of future opportunities.

The AGG research is a step towards ensuring Pakistan is equipped to match the global market through access to information and policy support. The research has four main focuses: industry, education, government and policy, and community. The research team will conduct interviews, surveys, and focus group discussions to understand local pain points and propose education, industry, and policy recommendations. The research team is geared to ensure that the research captures a representative market that highlights small-scale, mid-tier, and large-scale companies working in this space.

It is important to note that the research is an industry-wide initiative because it mandates a significant investment in terms of time, access to information, and overall buy-in from the AGG companies. In addition to improving the flow of investment to Pakistan, a key pillar of the research initiative is to facilitate the development of a resourceful and synergetic AGG network, set to imprint the global market.

The product of the research: the AGG Industry Report, will be a high-quality guide for investors, clients, academics, and public policy makers interested in investing in the local ecosystem. The report will be published in the first quarter of 2023.

Author: Sophia Richards (Research Officer M-Labs)

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