Introduction To Game Development Workshop By Girls Make Games (GMG)

In partnership, Mindstorm Studios and Girls Make Games (GMG) hosted a thrilling workshop on Introduction to Game development which took place at M-Labs in Lahore, Pakistan.

GMG is a subsidiary of LearnDistrict Inc, a US-based educational company focused on providing access to education through video games and enrichment programs. Since its launch in 2014, GMG had reached over 23,000 girls in 9 countries and 89 cities worldwide. Now, they have brought their program to Lahore, Pakistan! The workshop was open to both girls and boys and aimed to introduce them to the world of game development.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for young minds to learn about game development and get hands-on experience. It helped them discover their passion for video games and opened doors to a world of possibilities. The event was designed to help students gain valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

The Introduction to Game Development workshop was the first step for many young people to embark on a journey of creativity and innovation. It provided an environment where they could unleash their imagination and bring their ideas to life. The workshop covered a variety of topics, including the basics of game development, programming concepts, and game design.

The event was part of GMG’s efforts to empower young people, especially girls, to pursue careers in the video game industry. The gaming industry is growing rapidly, and there is a need for diverse talent. GMG believes that everyone should have access to game development education and opportunities.

In conclusion, the Introduction to Game Development workshop hosted by Mindstorm Studios and Girls Make Games was an incredible opportunity for young people in Lahore, Pakistan, to learn about game development and explore their creativity. It was a step towards building a diverse and inclusive gaming industry and empowering young people to pursue their passions.

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