Art Therapy Workshop By The Restorative Niche

The Restorative Niche and Next Generation Pakistan recently teamed up with Mindstorm Studios to host an art therapy workshop at M-Labs under the banner of Creative Spaces. The event aimed to provide young people with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore the benefits of art therapy.

The workshop featured a range of engaging activities and interactive sessions, designed to help participants develop their artistic skills and express themselves through various mediums. With expert guidance from trained professionals, attendees were able to learn the fundamentals of art therapy and understand how it can be incorporated into their daily lives.


Throughout the event, attendees participated in a variety of activities, including painting, drawing, and other expressive arts. The hands-on approach to the workshop allowed participants to immerse themselves in the therapeutic experience and connect with their inner selves.

M-Labs Creative spaces initiative is designed to support businesses and partner organizations in their ventures around creativity and learning. M-Labs doesn’t cut or charge any fees for these sessions and workshops.

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