Launch of Pakistan’s First Comprehensive AGG Report on Gaming Ecosystems – a Collaboration between Mindstorm Studios and P@SHA.

On 18 May 2023, Epiphany hosted its annual Ten18 Conference (formerly GameX), at University of Central Punjab in Lahore, to bring together the entertainment and technology industry in Pakistan. The conference served as a platform for investors, companies, independent professionals, students and enthusiasts to share their achievements and the latest trends in the digital entertainment ecosystem.

The emphasis of this year was on disseminating insights from the gaming industry including esports, mobile game development and publishing and AR/VR games. The events featured over 50 speakers and included Sali Elagab, Program Manager at Shorooq Partners, a leading technology investor in the MENAP region and Asim Shehryar Hussain, CEO at Ignite. The event also included business pitches and masterclasses by veteran professionals in the field of game design, web 3.0 and business optimization.

Ten18 was an opportunity for Mindstorm Labs and P@SHA to present a sneak peak into the findings from their highly anticipated Animation, Games and Graphics Sector Report 2022/2023. Representatives from both organizations, Sophia Richards (MLabs) and Kashoon Leeza (P@SHA), shared highlights such as the overall revenue of the AGG sector, employment statistics, the talent and skills gap in the industry. The report is envisioned as a high-quality guide for industry, academia, policy practitioners and professionals interested in expanding their footprint in the local industry.

The AGG report will be launched on the 5th of October in Lahore during the Rookie Game Jam Prize Distribution event hosted by MLabs. The event will feature highlights from the game jam and a presentation on the important findings from the report. Guests in attendance will include AGG sector executives, academic officials, policy practitioners and students.

If you or someone you know is interested in the AGG Sector and would like to join the event please signal your interest by reaching out to us at habiba.zafar@mindstormstudios.com.

Author: Sophia Richards (Research Officer – MLabs)

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