Winter Game Jam 2023-Prize Distribution Ceremony

Pakistan’s gaming industry is on the rise and one of the companies leading the charge is Mindstorm Labs. Recently, Mindstorm Labs conducted the Winter Game Jam 2023, which attracted over 1000 participants and formed 303 teams. In this 10-day event, the participants showcased their passion and commitment to game-building by producing 107 exciting games.

The Winter Game Jam 2023 was the biggest game jam in Pakistan and the symposium was attended by numerous game-building studios, and prominent members of the technology industry as well as the academic and development sector. The event was a great success, with the top three teams winning prize money worth PKR 750k and 11 different teams receiving special mention awards for their outstanding performance in the competition. The winning team consisted of Hammas Tahir, Hassan Munir, Kashif Sattar, and Muhammad Usama from the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.

Yasir Awan, Director of M-Labs, asserted that this initiative would not only aid in pointing Pakistan in the right game-building direction but it would also help the country transition into a knowledge economy. The growth of Pakistan’s involvement in the 220 Billion USD global game-building market could bring huge socio-economic benefits to the country.

The Winter Game Jam 2023 was attended by chief guests William K. Makaneole (Consul General Lahore, U.S. Embassy) and Asim Shahryar (CEO Ignite), who applauded the participants’ work and effort during the event. Mr. Asim congratulated Mindstorm Labs for holding Pakistan’s Biggest Game Jam and acknowledged its efforts to promote game building in the country and create pathways for passionate game developers to enter the field. He expressed that these initiatives, supported by the government as well as international organizations, are integral to economic development in Pakistan.

Mr. William K. Makaneole also appreciated the efforts of Mindstorm Labs in organizing the game jam and talked about the impact the gaming industry could have on economic growth.

In conclusion, the Winter Game Jam 2023 was a huge success. Mindstorm Labs’ efforts to promote mobile game building in Pakistan are commendable. The country has a vast potential for growth in the gaming industry, and initiatives such as M-Labs are essential to ensure Pakistan’s involvement in the global game-building market. By nurturing local talent and promoting innovation in the industry, Pakistan can transition into a knowledge economy and bring significant socio-economic benefits to the country.

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