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Let’s face it. Who does not like playing video games? The most common answer would be; NO BODY. EVERYBODY LOVES PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! If your answer is as the one stated above, this post is definitely for you. If, for some strange reason, you are one of those who have made the God forsaken sin of thinking, “I might not like video games,” then don’t worry. We will change your mind. 

Simply put, video games are just fun. That is why everybody loves playing them. But have you ever thought about why they are fun? What makes them fun? It is just human instinct that makes video games so appealing to us homo-sapiens or is there actual logic to it? It may seem strange that a concept so universally accepted can institute such a paradoxical debate by just asking simple questions. 

The truth is that video games are somewhat of a controlled form of freedom. They are structured in a manner that allows our brains to make in depth interesting choices within a blink of an eye, revealing our personality and thinking patterns almost involuntarily. It is this “structure” that provides video games an artform and hence, induces an emotion known as “fun” in the human brain. Rest assured, playing a game and streaming it on Twitch is fun, because someone, somewhere, made a conscious effort to strike that chord in your brain. This conscious effort, which can be labeled as “building games”, is where the real magic happens. 

While you may think that there are only a handful of people building games worldwide, you are mistaken. The game building industry has skyrocketed over the past decade or so. In 2019, the overall market capitalization value of the global gaming industry was 150 Billion USD (that’s right…billion with a capital B!). Not just that, from 2020 to 2027, the gaming industry is forecasted to grow at a staggering 12.9 percent (CAGR). Just to put into perspective how significant this number is, the global big data market size, that drives modern-day business decisions, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% in approximately the same timeframe. 

Despite these revelations, in our society building games is hardly discussed and admired with the same acclaim as creating other artforms, like making a film or music (Fun fact; the global gaming industry is bigger than both films and music combined). Even in this day and age, parents prefer the age-old cliche of wanting their children to become either engineers or doctors. In recent times, becoming an “I.T.” professional has also been added to the list. To add fuel to fire, there aren’t many avenues for young students to get exposure and explore their passion for building games. This creates major hurdles for students who want to become part of the industry. 

For these reasons, Mindstorm Studios has embarked on a journey to catalyze the phenomenon of game building in Pakistan. In doing so, the Studio intends to challenge the status quo, with a primary mission of grooming talent and sharing knowledge through a holistic learning approach in order to juice up the industry with fresh creative minds. Our aim is to build a community and change the industry’s perception, resulting in making the sector a top career priority for the youth, both in terms of jobs and entrepreneurship. 

Who are we exactly?

Mindstorm Studios is the top mobile game development studio in Pakistan. We have built and marketed some of the top mobile games and interactive entertainment in the world today. That is the mission our founders began with back in 2006 and we continue to uphold and bring the highest quality products to market.

Mindstorm is partnered with Lion Studios, one of the world’s leading mobile games publishers. We are headquartered in San Francisco, USA with a regional office in Lahore, Pakistan. Our products have been downloaded over 100 million times globally and include worldwide #1 chart toppers like Super Salon, Flick Pool, and many more.


As a first step to achieve the mentioned vision, Mindstorm Studios announced an internship program in 2020. The program received over 700 applicants from 65 cities all over Pakistan. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, conducting the entire internship program in-house seemed almost impossible. However, we took upon the challenges and turned them into our strength. The program was given a hybrid structure, shifting most of the content online, while ensuring the selected interns get the same quality as that of an in-person setting. This included 15+ mentors to learn from and 28+ hours of online training during a course of 2 months. Rest assured, this program was a huge success as we got to empower 8 wonderful students with skills and knowledge essential for building games.

But hold on. You might ask what happened to the hundreds of candidates who applied but did not get selected? Well, we did not forget about them (What do you think we are? Savages?). Those who could not make it to the final eight were offered to attend our Fellowship Program. Moreover, applying for the internship will automatically register you for the Fellowship Program and another initiative of Mindstorm Studios called the Rookie Game Jam 2021 (Details regarding the Fellowship Program and Rookie Game Jam are a story for another blog, unfortunately). 

Due to such an overwhelming response last year, we are super excited to launch the Remote Summer Internship Program 2021. So, get ready for 8 thrilling weeks of fun & work that will invoke your true potential through the extensive, highly interactive and insightful training given by the most decorated team present in the Pakistani gaming industry.

When you enroll into the program, you are taken through the entire process lifecycle of building a game, which will provide you hands-on experience from conceptualizing to finishing the product. You will be introduced to a world of gaming, creative discussions, unique skill building practices, techniques and grooming that goes beyond the software. What sets us apart is the thriving cycle of producing quality that drives in value. Hence, the Remote Summer Internship Program 2021 is the perfect platform to learn, create and showcase your game building passion to the world.

What happens once you’re IN?

After a full-blown company and program orientation, you kick off the official journey! You will be assigned trainers and mentors, who will take you through all the processes from ideation to development to closeout, handing you invaluable skills and in-depth knowledge driven from their own stellar experience in the industry.

We designed the Remote Internship Program to add value to your personal & professional growth, encouraging you towards open communication with seasoned professionals. Once you become a part of this program, you earn a lifetime perk of seeking assistance from your trainers at any step in your professional development. 

This summer, we’re taking it to the next level with exclusive sessions by international mentors. The flexible hours allow students to work according to their university schedules and manage work/play balance.

Another feature of the hybrid program set is Mindstorm Studios’ Discord Community, which provides like-minded students and professionals from all around the country a platform to connect, network, ask questions, share and gain hands-on experience in building games in line with successful international practices.

The applications close on 31st May 2021 and with only 8 limited seats to grab, you can’t afford to miss out on the deadline.

So, are you all ready to learn and master the art of game building from the wizards of Mindstorm Studios?  If you are, then APPLY NOW!!

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