Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi hosted a successful 2-day Gamefest in collaboration with Mindstorm Studios, Raptr Games and IGN Pakistan. 90+ students created 22 games without the use of any coding, art or technology, literally “out of thin air”. The event was part of IBA and Mindstorm Studios’ mission to emphasize on hands-on learning experiences and mentorship from industry leaders. The winning games were “Karachi Tails”, “Fools Gambit”, and “Space Survival” created by teams from Cedar College, Karachi.

IBA Karachi, in collaboration with Mindstorm Studios, Raptr Games, and IGN Pakistan hosted a successful two-day Gamefest with a focus on understanding the Game Building process and creating games. The event drew 90+ talented students from across Karachi who are currently studying in O levels, A levels, Matric or FSc who worked in teams to deliver 24 games. The Gamefest started with a campus tour via a Treasure Hunt. The activity was designed by IBA students to welcome the participants and created an opportunity for them to experience the culture and campus of the institution. Participants then reached the event hall to compete in “Out of Thin Air” game-building competition, giving students a taste of IBA’s learning environment and how its emphasis on hands-on experience blends creativity, innovation, and practice to foster academic and professional growth and market-relevant skills.

“Out of Thin Air,” Game design event was put together by Mindstorm Studios and it emphasizes building games from the ground up without art, technology, or code – allowing students to explore the very basis of game-building, without the distraction of tools. The event provided hands-on learning experiences, networking opportunities, and mentorship from industry leaders, promoting design thinking and a product mindset.

Since 2008, Mindstorm Studios has been challenging the status quo and helping catalyze game-building in Pakistan. With the mission to establish a game-focused ecosystem.

The two-day game fest held at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi was a resounding success, with over 90 students creating 22 games “out of thin air”. The event culminated with the crowning of three winning teams, Terminators, Team Graphite, and Terrific Trio, who crafted innovative games that captivated judges and players alike. Terminators took first place with their game “Karachi Tails”, a board game that challenged players to become the city’s next mayor. Team Graphite’s “Fools Gambit” took second, offering a creative twist on chess with added elements of bluff and chance. Third place went to Terrific Trio’s “Space Survival”, a post-apocalyptic survival game that tasked players with reaching Earth 2.0, humankind’s new home. The event produced an array of diverse games, ranging from educational games that utilized the periodic table to narrative-based fantasy strategy games.

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