Industry Wide Mentors

Professionals from not just Mindstorm Studios but also from more than a dozen different studios participate in advising students.

Make Real Games

Its not just trainings, you also get to build games. Its not a side project experience, you build games with help of mentors and are provided are professional resources to get it done.


A growing industry needs a constant supply of young minds who bring in fresh perspective and energy. Our society looks down upon gaming, and that perception has hurt us for the past two decades. Contrary to belief, there is a lot of interest in students for both playing and making games. However, this talent gets forced into a one size fit all academic approach and loses its determination. For the best and brightest of the minds to join game development, we have come up with a hand holding program. We received over 700 detailed applications for 7 positions in our internship initiative. Cementing our belief in students’ desire to explore game design, art, and development. We concluded after talking to many applicants; the dire need to provide more hand holding. Hence M-LABS Fellowship program was born to make sure many of these undergraduates join the gaming industry. The work by students for academic assignments is for grades. Learnings from these projects are generally not valid in business. The key missing components are lack of production quality and customer centricity. To put these undergraduates on the professional path, our program includes 2 weeks of training on game design, programming and art. To point them in the right direction and help them get a better understanding of how the gaming industry works

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